Hello! My name is Brit.

I am known as Brit.Vulcan or Brit Anbacht.

My pronouns are They/Them.

I am a human who wishes they were a robot.

“Minneapolis” by relux. is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Bloomers, my dog.

Brit Fact

Brit.Vulcan lives a steady life in Minneapolis.

Why a website?

I wanted a central place to put my stuff so I am not quite so scattered on the web.

Can we be friends?


I have ADHD and Anxiety.

Brit Anbacht

Also I am Queer as in Fuck you.

I am making this website for fun, don’t be a hater.

About Me

See Above, or Below.

More About Brit

I should probably be sleeping.

But instead, insomnia.

This is not a link.

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